• Question: if you are on im a celebrity get me out of here would you try to win or try to get out of there as fast as possible and why

    Asked by ninja 2435 to Craig, Devon, Marta, Natalie, Nicholas on 6 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Devon Smith

      Devon Smith answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      I would definitely try to win! Even though I hate spiders, I think it would be a very good opportunity to overcome my fears! I think it would also be great fun and it would be quite interesting to live with many different people from many different cultures and learn how to all live as one. I think this would be the trickiest bit as you don’t always get along with everyone, but it is important to learn how to be respectful and understanding of others. I wouldn’t like the lack of food though! I like food too much!

    • Photo: Marta Varela

      Marta Varela answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      Sadly, I don’t think I would qualify as a celebrity…

      In the “I’m a Scientist, Get me Out of Here!” competition, I of course try to do my best! (Winning is a bit different: it depends on more than just one’s effort, but I don’t think it ever feels right to win if you haven’t given it your best.)

      I think it’s very important to try to do your best in things that you take up (particularly your work). Otherwise, things can very quickly become boring and make you feel less happy!

    • Photo: Nicholas Younger

      Nicholas Younger answered on 8 Mar 2017:

      I would want to win! I’ll eat anything and I’m not scared of bugs!